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Are you protecting your mouth against the risks of enamel erosion? Enamel erosion, also commonly referred to as dental erosion, refers to harmful acids that slowly eat through tooth enamel. Once your tooth enamel is breached, a cavity forms. This can lead to infections and tooth loss. An enamel erosion prevention plan should always be implemented to keep your smile safe from the risks associated with tooth enamel damage.

Are you aware of the causes of enamel erosion? Did you know that saliva plays a key role in preventing it? It’s true, which is why it is important to avoid dry mouth condition whenever possible. Dry mouth occurs when saliva is hindered in your mouth. This is common with numerous medications that produce it as a side effect. Other common causes of enamel erosion include environmental factors, acid reflux disease, genetics, a family history of the condition, and even excessive consumption of sugars and starches.

Preventing enamel erosion starts with oral hygiene routines that include brushing and flossing on a daily basis with safe, non-abrasive products. Also, chewing sugarless gum after meals or eating crunchy foods that are high in the water can produce saliva and improve your oral health.

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