When you need to replace or restore missing or damaged teeth, Dr. Fred Hermanson may recommend a dental crown or dental bridge. Please call Smiles by Design Dental Care at 952-432-9155 for more information about dental bridges and crowns in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and to schedule your consultation with our dentist.

Dental crowns (caps) are a restorative treatment that work to protect teeth that have been broken or damaged by disease and decay. Crowns restore the strength, function, and appearance of teeth, covering the entire visible portion of the tooth to prevent further damage from occurring.

Dental bridges are frequently recommended to replace a missing tooth, or several missing teeth in a row. They close the gap in your smile caused by missing teeth to prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of place and preserve a healthy bite in addition to restoring your smile. Bridges are typically anchored and held in place by crowns attached to the teeth on either side of the bridge (called abutments), but may also be supported by a dental implant as well.

Both crowns and bridges produce beautiful, long-lasting results, but will eventually need to be replaced due to routine wear and tear.

To set up your appointment with our dentist and learn more about dental bridges and crowns, please contact our office today.