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Each tooth in your smile has a specific location in your mouth and is supported and kept in its place with the help of strong periodontal ligaments. However, if you receive a hard blow to the face, the force may be sufficient to separate the tooth from its connective tissues. Severe cases of oral trauma can cause you to lose multiple teeth or make them fracture at the gums. If you have lost multiple teeth in one area of your mouth, our dentist may suggest you receive a partial denture.

If you are able to preserve a tooth that was knocked out and keep it alive, Dr. Fred Hermanson may be able to place it in the socket and preserve your original smile. The loss of multiple teeth, however, means you may be better fitted for a partial denture, which is an abbreviation of a traditional full denture that is designed to restore the function and appearance of the teeth you lost.

Your new dental appliance may include additional components to keep it sturdy and secure when it is worn between the surrounding teeth. You may also prefer to use some denture adhesive to firmly seal the denture to your gums and prevent food particles from sticking underneath it.

If you have lost multiple teeth as a result of oral trauma and are interested in receiving a custom-made partial denture in Apple Valley, Minnesota, we invite you to contact Smiles by Design Dental Care at 952-432-9155 and schedule a visit with our dentist.