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Are you suffering from dental anxiety and are afraid to visit your dentist or receive any oral healthcare treatment at the dentist office? If so, there is good news, as numerous treatments and techniques can be used to minimize dental anxiety and allow you to receive the treatments you need.

Meditation prior to office visits as well as focusing on your breathing routines can help lower your stress and dental anxiety. Furthermore, placing your mind in a place of relaxation such as a beach or garden also helps. If you are afraid of pain you may feel at the dentist office, consult with your dentist so they can apply a local anesthetic, nitrous oxide, or mild sedative to help calm and de-stress you. Not only do sedatives help to relax patients, but they are extremely effective at eradicating pain that could potentially be felt.

One of the key matters involved with dental anxiety involves noise anxiety that individuals experience. Simple noises, such as the whirl of a cleaning utensil, are enough to stress out those most affected by dental anxiety. If you feel anxious or distraught, let your dentist know. They can help you with calming music or give you a squeeze ball or fidget spinner to squeeze your stress away.

If you require dental anxiety treatments in Apple Valley, Minnesota, Smiles by Design Dental Care would love to assist you. For a thorough examination to determine which treatment will work best for you, you can set an appointment with Dr. Fred Hermanson by calling our dentist office at 952-432-9155.