Do you have a toothache? You may need root canal therapy in Apple Valley, Minnesota, to help restore your smile and alleviate discomfort.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?
Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment used to repair damaged or infected root tissue within a tooth. Each tooth is a living part of your body, attached to your mouth by tiny nerves and blood vessels within the root canal, which serves as an anchor for the rest of the tooth.

Sometimes, the root of your tooth may become exposed due to excessive dental decay or cracks in the enamel of the tooth. This can cause the root pulp within the tooth to become infected and inflamed, which is why most patients who require root canal therapy experience severe toothaches. This infection can cause the death of the tooth’s root, resulting in the loss of the tooth. To help prevent this, Dr. Fred Hermanson uses root canal therapy to clear infected tissue and inject a medicated solution into the root canal to help heal the area and preserve the tooth.

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