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Do you have any missing teeth that you would like to replace? If so, consider the use of a cosmetic dentistry treatment such as a dental bridge. Dental bridges are high-quality, permanent prosthetics that are anchored directly into your mouth. Through the use of a dental bridge, you can give yourself a smile makeover that can complete your smile, restore its function, and bring back the look of an ideal smile once again. For common questions and answers regarding dental bridges, see below:

What is the significance of a dental bridge?
A dental bridge is a popular cosmetic dental prosthetic that is designed to permanently replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are anchored directly to nearby or neighboring teeth.

How can dental bridges be used to enhance your smile?
Dental bridges can be used to not only improve the function of your smile but to improve the look of it. Beyond improving the appearance of your smile, they can help restore once-hindered abilities for chewing, speaking and eating properly.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?
Dental bridges can restore lost functions that are associated with missing teeth, and they can even improve the look of your smile. If you suffer from poor oral health or tooth slippage due to lost or missing teeth, it can be reversed with a dental bridge.

How do dental bridges work?
Dental bridges are permanent prosthetics that are designed to fit into gaps where missing teeth once were. They can be customized for an exact shape based on the size, shape, and color your smile requires.

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